We specialize in creating  elegant and unique floral designs for events and special celebrations in the greater Asheville area. With experience and knowledge of over five years, we bring dream weddings to life through unique one of a kind arrangements. All of the designs are made with your vision in mind. We work hard to ensure that you are confident in our ability to create just what you are looking for. 


We are passionate about finding joy and incorporating gratitude in the everyday. 


  • My favorite drink is a homemade caramel macchiato. I drink 5 or more cups a day while creating beautiful bouquets!

  • My favorite color is green, like seedless eucalyptus. The berries on it are so unique.

  • I love to teach my kids and enjoying homeschooling.

  • I absolutely love traveling with my family! It's a hobby of mine. 

  • I love Asian food, especially sushi!

  • My favorite flower is the Juliet Garden Rose.

Dream Events by Daria
Dream Events by Daria